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Welcome to my world of Evernote!

Evernote for Educators was nominated for Top 10 Livebinders of 2012!  Thanks everyone for the nomination!!  For a list of all binders that was nominated this year, here's the binder:  2012 Top 10 Livebinders.  

Ways to stay up-to-date with Evernote:

Twitter, Google Plus, Facebook, Evernote Blog

Blog Posts:

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Evernote for the Social Studies:

Part 1: What is Evernote?

Part 2: Evernote in the History Class

Part 3: Evernote & Skitch

Part 4: Lesson Planning with Evernote

Part 5: Evernote and StudyBlue

2012 Presidential Election Notebooks

Road to the White House 2012

2012 GOP Presidential Primary Election Archive

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