Monday, May 28, 2012

5 reasons why you should use Evernote

Evernote is one of my favorite online tools.  I use it on my Iphone, Android tablet and laptop to gather information and jot down thoughts and ideas.  Here are 5 reasons why you should give Evernote a try:

1.  Never forget a thought or idea

Ever had a really awesome idea or something that you thought of and wanted to write it down before you forgot it?  With Evernote, you never have to forget anything.  With my Iphone app (here's the Itunes store link for it) I can quickly launch the application, create a new note or edit an existing one and type in the thought or idea.  Once you're done, that thought is now in your world of Evernote--it will be on my laptop, tablet, and on the web at  

2.  Organize and catalog online content

Since one of my teaching certifications is Composite Social Studies, I love to read and save articles over history, economics, and politics.  Evernote has truly been an awesome tool for me to use this year because we are in a election year for the President of the United States.  With the Evernote webclipper, any time I run across a article that I find interesting and want to refer to later, all I have to do is click the webclipper, select the notebook I want to put it in, and it's done.  Here's an example of the Google Chrome Evernote webclipper I use:

It's also nice that I can assign tags to the article that I've just clipped for even more organization.  This saves me all kinds of time and hassle. 

3.  Sharing made simple

With Evernote, sharing content and notes has never been easier.  As soon as a new note has been created in your Evernote account, you have the option of sharing it several different ways.  You can share via Twitter, Facebook, Email, or even via link directly to the note.  Here's the link to a article over Ben Bernanke that I clipped a few months ago.  You also have the option to share an entire notebook so your users can access all of the notes in that notebook.  With this capability, you can share one link to your students where they can access all class lecture notes.  Thus, with Evernote you have one central "hub" to which you can share your content.  

4.  Simplify other online tools with Evernote

Evernote in itself is completely awesome.  However, once you realize that there are other online websites/tools that also use Evernote with their services, it makes it all complete.  There are a wealth of apps for Iphone and Android that you can combine with Evernote, check out the Evernote "Trunk" to see what you could be using with Evernote:  

5. It's Free

With Evernote, you can have the option to get a premium account or you can just keep the basic (free) account.  Here's what you'll get with a free account:

  • 100,000 Notes; each note can be a maximum of 25 megabytes (mb) for free users and 50mb for Premium users.
  • 250 Synchronized Notebooks (including Notebook Stacks). All 250 notebooks can be shared. There is no limit to the number of Local Notebooks (which aren't synced) you can have.
  • 10,000 Tags.
  • 100 Saved Searches.


Event though I have a premium account, I never maxed out my usage even when I had the free account.  

Hopefully these reasons give you some insight on why to use Evernote.  Of course, these 5 reasons are just a start to the numerous things you can use Evernote for.  I've also created a "Evernote for Educators" livebinder with a lot of articles on how others are using Evernote.  Feel free to browse:

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